Info for Parents

With individuals aged from 10 to 26, SFYFC take all precautions to ensure our members are safe when taking part in county run events. Furthermore, we have policies and procedures in place to ensure this level of responsibility is applied across each and every one of our clubs.

Consent Forms

Club Events

Each quarter, our 18 clubs produce a programme of events to let both members, and their parents know what is coming up in the social calendar. We ask that members who are under 18 take this home to ensure parents know exactly what is happening and what events your children will be attending with the organisation. They then must provide Club Officers with an up to date Consent Form.

County Events

At all county run events, we ensure that members under 18 provide a Consent Form which confirms that their parents/guardians know where they are and that they give their consent for them to attend. Any under 18 member that attends a county run event without one of these forms won't be allowed entry.


Policies are available from


You don't need to be a farmer to become a Young Farmer...

For more information on how you can become a Young Farmer contact our County Office now for friendly advice on how to join:

01743 442 880