250 Club

The SFYFC 250 club is a 'lottery style' club formed for the financial benefit of the club and its members. The Club is designed specifically to provide much needed funds for SFYFC and offers substantial CASH PRIZE winnings every quarter to members of the Club.

A number costs £20 a year and there is no limit to the amount of numbers a person can purchase, so go ahead and fill in the details below to take join!

Members can also join by paying cash or cheques for £20 annually in advance, cheques payable to 'SFYFC'. New members will be eligible to participate in the draw immediately after the first payment has been taken.

The quarterley Prize winners will be drawn and annouced at the SFYFC Executive Committee Meetings.

Initially prizes will be capped at 30% of takings. Thereafter, the monthly cash prizes will increase incrementally as the memberships and the funds increase and as aoon as we reach 250 members there will be Quarterly Prizes of £375 apportioned:

1st Prize - £200

2nd Prize - £100

3rd Prize - £75

The decision of the SFYFC shall be final in all matters requiring adjuducation.


You don't need to be a farmer to become a Young Farmer...

For more information on how you can become a Young Farmer contact our County Office now for friendly advice on how to join:

01743 442 880