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November's Club of the Month-Whittington and Oswestry YFC



November's Club of the Month-Whittington and Oswestry YFC

Chairman: Drew Eccleston    Secretaries: Beth Arthan and Emma Faulkner    Treasurer: Harry Thomas

A bit about the club

Whittington and Oswestry YFC are an enthusiastic, lively and friendly bunch who are based in the north-west of the county. The club, who are Shropshire's largest and now in their 73rd year, meet every Tuesday at Oswestry Rugby Club for meetings or to gather to then convoy to whatever activity they have planned for the week. 

Did you know?

The national YFC Entertainments (performing arts) competition originates from Whit and Os YFC! Copied from the TV programme talent show "Top-Town", in 1962 Whit and Os members held their first competition at West Felton Village Hall, re-naming it "Top Club". According to Roy Kempster, a member at the time who helped start the competition and grandfather to current members, James and Zoe Kempster,  the competition was held here for two years before moving to the Marches School in Oswestry for a further five years. The competition was recognised as a great success and was adopted at county level, eventually becoming the National YFC Entertainments competition that we know today. 

Charity work

Over the last year, Whit and Os YFC have raised funds for numerous charities. A charity race night was enjoyed by current members and advisory, raising over £2000 for their three chosen charities of the year: Lingen Davies Centre, Air Ambulance and Cancer Research. In addition, the club collected donations from members of the public who visited their wonderful YFC tent at Oswestry Show for The Brecon Mountain Rescue who helped to find James Corfield. Anyone who donated were given a blue heart sticker to show support for the fellow Shropshire member and his family.

As part of the Shropshire YFC's Chariman's Charity weekend held in May, the club built a fence around Oswestry Club as a way of giving back to the club and the local community.

Oswestry Show 2017

It is safe to say that Whit and Os YFC went all out this year in making their presence at Oswestry Show a huge success.

After members decided that they wanted to really boost awareness of YFC at this year's show and use their marquee to it's full potential, they worked hard to encourage and invite local school children to enter competitions, crafts and get involved. Their efforts paid off, and families were seen flocking to the marquee to throughout the day to enjoy fun and games such as gladiator duels, reel a fish and hook a duck. The marquee looked spectacular, filled with dozens of entries to the theme of "Under the Sea", made by the children, along with YFC members and advisory. Whit and Os YFC, did a fantastic job at using their prime space, next to the main ring, as a great way to advertise what the club is all about. 

To top the day off, the club put on their ever popular after show dance, which saw young farmers from around the county party the night away. Former club secretary, Abi Cavell, said: "It was a fantastic day for the club. Oswestry Show is a pinnacle in our calendar and with thanks to the dedication and huge efforts from it's members, showcased YFC as an organisation at it's best." 


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